Web3 - NFT


Promotion of NFT Collection for contemporary artist Fabio Weik.





Weik is a successful contemporary artist with physical art pieces and installations around the world.

He has an established network of collectors, but none of them has ever possessed any digital art.

For the first time ever his installation could be available as a unique digital art piece in the form of an NFT – Non Fungible Token.


How and to whom can we market his NFT collection?


For the target audience we had two options:

01 Find new NFT collectors/traders:
Weik was not a known digital artist so it would be very difficult to convince NFT collectors/traders about the value of his art, especially during a crypto bear market
02 Educate the current collectors:
They already have invested in his physical art and are not affected by the crypto bear market. The challenge was that they don’t have a crypto wallet or NFT knowledge, but are looking for the right opportunity to get involved.

Logically, we focused on the latter and offered an end-to-end VIP service. We walked them through opening an account in an exchange, opening a metamask wallet, buying the NFT as well as security training.
As icing on the cake, we organized a launch event; a phygital event in Talent Garden Isola in Milan on September 8th, 2022 with artists, technologists and collectors.




Launch party

150+ participants

NFT sales within 24 hours

4 ETH (~$7,000 at the time)

weik statue and text weik creativity glitch prints