Web3 - Metaverse / Web3 - NFT


BRANDIT is an industry leading international branding and domain law firm.





A lot of European lawyers have heard or read about crypto wallets and NFTs, but never owned any. Therefore they are not able to properly advise their clients on this topic.


How can BRANDIT have a personalized, future-proof presence in the metaverse?



We organized an educational session for their network to address this issue, helping the participants to understand:

- What is an NFT?
- What is a Custodial and Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet?
- How to open a Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet?
- How to receive digital assets such as an NFT in the Wallet?

At the end of this session the lawyers received an NFT as a gift (airdrop) courtesy of BRANDIT

For most of them, this was their first ever Wallet and NFT.

“Earn to Learn” proved to be an effective and empowering web3 onboarding tactic.


We built a custom, platform-agnostic metaverse using their iconic B logo as the structure of the metaverse space, taking them from concept to go-live in just 10 weeks.

Unique details such as a penguin host, a basketball court, and space to showcase their NFT collection were all included. 

They are the first major legal firm in Europe to have an office in the metaverse.




NFT collection launch participation

50+ European Lawyers

N. of wallets opened and NFTs airdropped


Metaverse concept to go-live

10 weeks

The Armin Bar (Miami|Milan) has been essential in our journey to not only understand but to lead in the web3 domain in our industry. They walked us through every step of the journey, educating us, and using their unique combination of technical expertise and communications skills to launch both our first NFT collection AND our metaverse office with incredible speed - all while keeping our team excited and engaged.

Jesper Knudsen, Founder and CEO, BRANDIT