Brand Launch - Food & Beverage


Via Archimede; a ghost kitchen (delivery only restaurant) in Milan, which was born during COVID19 pandemic in April 2020.





Luca Guelfi Group was one of our main clients before the pandemic and in March 2022 they had to close down all their restaurants due to covid, which meant no revenue.

We needed to find a way to adapt to the new conditions (lockdown) knowing that people are bored with cooking at home and are extremely cautious about the sanitary aspects of their lives.


Considering that we already had the kitchens and waiters of Saigon, Canteen and Shimokita, the dishes could still be made and delivered.
Moreover through social media of various restaurants and the mailing lists, we had 150k contacts mostly in Milan.
We put together a ghost kitchen concept and called it Via Archimede after the famous street of our neighborhood where Saigon, Canteen and Shimokita were located.

We started the communicating to our database that the Luca Guelfi Group has started a new restaurant in which we not only take full control of the sanitary aspects in the kitchen, but also during the delivery process. This assured the clients about the sanitary aspects of their food, because they trusted the brand  and at the same time saved us 28% fee (on the revenue) that the delivery platforms ask for.
Quickly,  everyone was talking about us who started a business when so many others were closing and was one of the few positive stories in the middle of all negative news - journalists from Gambero Rosso, IL SOLE 24ORE, RAI and even GQ Magazine contacted us for interviews/press kit.




Idea to opening

9 days

Reaching Break Even Point (BEP)

12 days

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